Additional Cost’s – The Hidden Factor You must be aware of!

Many people look only at the initial cost of an item and never think twice about the ADDITIONAL costs that WILL be coming down the pike at you. An example would be your car purchase where you not only have the price of the car but also taxes, insurance, tags and title fees. And don’t forget the biggie : maintenance and upkeep expenses…. Now, I know full well most people like to stick there head in the ground and not talk about such things, but if your gonna be financial “smart” you would be wise not to be one of those people.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Being in the automotive aftermarket for many years I have seen many examples people being totally unaware and surprised when normal everyday things happen. On that I recall vividly back years ago was a customer that had recently purchased a cobra mustang performance car. Along with great power and handling it comes with very expense ‘special’  tires that allow it to perform at it’s best. But as with most things there is a trade-off : They wear out very quickly! …  and at over $1,000 a set ,they aren’t cheap! ….   I still remember my customer saying that he could barely afford the monthly payment and had no money for new tires. I ended up helping him out by finding used tires for him and he ended up replacing one at time as they were completely worn out. He was a classic example of someone not realizing how much money in maintenance and upkeep a performance car was going to be. He would have been way ahead of the game if he bought a car he could easily afford when you factor ‘everything’ in.

A good used Honda is a great car to consider if your looking for overall low cost of ownership.
A good used Honda is a great car to consider if your looking for overall low cost of ownership.

Educate yourself about the ‘ADDITIONAL COSTS’ every time you make a purchase before you buy and you won’t find yourself surprised at the normal extra expenses that always will come up. Today it is so easy to become knowledgeable on any subject everything is right at your fingertips!… DO IT!                                                                                John

Once your finances are in order you can weather any storm!
Once your finances are in order you can weather any storm!

Old Hickory Lake fishing report Nashville Tennessee

Nice size crappie caught on crankbait while trolling

Wednesday May 18 2016 , Hendersonville,Tn                                                                    Good fishing to report just downstream of bluegrass marina in the various coves. Water temp dropped back down to mid-60’s and the large female Crappie are staging in 10 – 14 feet of water in good numbers. I caught some nice ones up to 15 inches trolling a crankbait around known spawning areas. Another fun way of catching them is using the wind to drift thru an area and dragging a small jig and/ or minnow.                                                                 I don’t know why but it seems this year the big females are coming in later to spawn.  I have been catching plenty of Crappie for a good while but until recently they have been small….   so if you can, get out there and do some fishin’ !!                                                                                                           John

Three fish for the cooker!
Three fish for the cooker!


Why is it Inept and/or corrupt people are put in charge of public money?

Why Is It that people who are put in charge, or have access to taxpayers money are not personally scrutinized and held to the utmost level of responsibility. I’ve seen story after story of high salaried individuals in charge of money end up (after they pilferer it) admitting that they have severe personal money problems, such as being in debt up to their eyeballs ,owe back taxes etc etc. One of the latest is the Detroit school principals that have been charged with stealing many thousands of dollars ( and saying their own personal money problems made ’em do it)                                                                                                                                                                                           DSCN5520                                                                                                                               It’s beyond comprehension that these type of crimes continue to happen. Before people are hired and even after they should be able to prove that they are good financial stewards with their own money before they are ever given the opportunity to oversee public funds. As part of the hiring process a very complete background check should be done that includes financial data such as credit reports, proof of taxes filed and paid, etc. etc,  …  and it should be monitored on a ongoing basis.                                    Just because a person has an advanced college degree does NOT mean that they handle their own finances appropriately and  if they can’t demonstrate that they have mastered their own finances, they should not be considered for any position overseeing any money.                                             John                                                                                                                     DSCN5547

Why Hendersonville Tn ?

When Debbie and I sold our business and personal holdings and decided to move south we went on an extended vacation to visit North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. We were taking a long overdue holiday and also going to pick our new Home base. After awhile we narrowed it down to Charleston, Asheville, and Hendersonville. We chose Hendersonville because of : Old Hickory Lake ( the boat ramp is 1 mile from our house), close proximity to Nashville, affordable housing prices and Tennessee’s reputation as a low tax, business friendly state. Also a prerequisite  nearby shopping and dining places, and last but not least a relativity safe place to raise a family.

Working tugboats and barges are a common sight out on Old Hickory and the Cumberland river
Working tugboats and barges are a common sight out on Old Hickory and the Cumberland river                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     We ended up moving to Indian lake area. Nice 1 acre lot, affordable older ’60s house, quiet and yet 3 miles to streets of Indian lake for shopping and restaurants. Debbie’s office is close by and easy to get to Nashville and other places in middle Tennessee .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
While out fishing on Old Hickory Lake I always keep an eye out for nice old pieces of Driftwood.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     John and                                                                                                                                                                                      Debbie

#1 Strategy for the average person to be Financially Independent

In keeping with our theme of a handful of basic strategies to learn and incorporate into desires to be financially free, this is a biggie : NO NEW CARS. Yes, i said NO NEW CARS. If you crunch the numbers it is staggering how much a new car will cost you over the course of 40 years or so. A lot of people will buy a new car every 4-5 years or so. A new car depreciates in value so fast it will make your head spin, as soon as you drive it off the lot you have just lost $5,ooo or more. It’s like taking 100 $50 dollar bills and throwing them up in the air  and not caring where they go….DSCN5682                                                                                                                              Along with rapid depreciation you also get to contend with much higher insurance premiums on a new car, along with the normal maintenance and wear and tear parts that need to be replaced. Over the course of your working life if you avoid new and only buy a good used car and keep it maintained, and hang on to it for a good long while,  you will save several hundred thousands of dollars. YES, SEVERAL HUNDRED THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS!!                                                    This one habit can change you from a paycheck to paycheck person to someone who controls their own finanacial destiny and the freedom that comes with it….    Like the old commercial use to say – Just do it!

Once your finances are in order you can weather any storm!
Once your finances are in order you can weather any storm as if it was clear sky’s and smooth sailing!

If you can incorporate this lesson into your core being and ignore the “keeping up with the Joneses”  mentality, YOU will be on your way!                                                                                                                                             John and                                                                                                                     Debbie

The simple truth about fishing success – How to catch more fish

An Old Hickory Lake bass caught on a small spinnerbait, a lure you want to be proficient in.
The dawn of a new day on Old Hickory Lake just outside of Nashville,Tn

Fisherman are bombarded with endless marketing of equipment and pro tips on how to catch more fish. Everything from “new and improved” lures to new rods and reels, lines, electronics, and boats. The message is if you buy this product YOU will be a better more successful fisherman.           And as a result many anglers are always on the lookout for that magic lure or technique to let them finally catch the amount of fish that they see others do. The simple truth is all they have to do is master a small number of lures and spend their time in areas of the lake where fish are located. Anglers have to spend the TIME on the water to be at the “hot spots” at the right time that they have identified through many days and hours of “on the water ” trial and error….. that’s it, no more or no less , that’s what separates the 10 percent of the fisherman that catch 90 percent of the fish. Dedication and countless hours and days on the water practicing their craft. It’s that simple.                                                                                                                  John