The Sad Truth

Many young people choose their career path based on what they think will be a “fun” or “prestigious” or a “good paying” job or maybe even a job to help people and society.  So they try to do everything right. Go to college and get as much education as you can and then enter the workforce as “trained” to do that job. But in all reality that is when the learning really begins. In short order most realize that working in the “real” world is much different than they ever could have imagined . If only they could have been exposed of this reality earlier they may have chosen something else to do. All to often their dream occupation turns into a job. Just a job. And the sad truth is a lot of the teachers (even ones that have worked “in the field” do not clue them in on the realities of their chosen profession.

In my lifetime of interaction with many types of people and their occupations I have concluded that very few are top performers who truly love their job and live it 24 -7. They are the people that are always learning and studying ways to improve their performance. Maybe 5% at most. Below them another 5% are great also. Then about 10% are really good and conscientious when on the job but like most people have a ton of other interests and responsibilities away from work. The Sad Truth is 80% of workers are barely competent enough to do the job and half of them (40%) are down right incompetent. And to make matters worse They are protected by their co-workers (we’re a family; we look out for our own etc) or a bureaucracy and/or convoluted system set up to “protect the workers”  but essentially makes it very hard to release incompetent or downright nasty/dangerous people. The Sad Truth is most people we come in contact with are barely competent and half of them are incompetent.

Which brings us to the hot topic of the day – police interactions with citizens caught on video tape. My theory is pretty basic based on the above information. In a perfect world the young officers would be mentored by the top guy’s for a good long while. They would be guided and helped along in their career to become one of the top 10%. But in the real world they are out alone patroling  by themselves . .. so it shouldn’t surprise us when these type of incidents happen. Since each police department is it’s own little fiefdom it is up to the police chief to instill a culture of excellence in everything they do including holding every person up to a high standard and if they can’t “cut the mustard”  reassign them to a job behind the scenes where they don’t have to interact with the public. The police need to police themselves and receive enough continual training (in real life threatening situations) to be evaluated by professional trainers and psychologists/criminologists and made sure they are up to the job.


A Hook and A worm

I caught my first fish with a cane pole when I was 5 years old. It was on the Quantico creek witch flowed into the Potomac river south of the nations capital; Washington D.C. I only remember that trip and one more a year or so later when I was catching them as fast as I could put my bait in the water.

My next memories of fishing is when I was about 10 years old and living in Virginia Beach. The neighborhood had a long canal nearby where I would ride my bike and fish with the other local kids. Catfish and huge carp were the trophies we were after and our bait of choice was homemade dough balls. Fun times … seems every day or so I of us would hook and land a great big one.

After moving to Maryland I didn’t do much fishing until about  18 years old I was camping in Harper’s ferry West Virginia on the upper Potomac river and received a lesson on basic river fishing that really opened my eyes on how to catch fish. First step was to catch our own bait. Mountain Wigglers – a type of worm that you could catch alongside of the roads by removing the layers of leaves down to the rich dirt. And they do wiggle.

Next step is tie on a small hook directly onto the end of 6lb test on a spinning rod. That’s it – nothing else. My first thought was how in the world are you going to cast this with no weight but after you put on the wiggler and practice a little it was no problem. …  We went to the river and I watched as the old vet just stood at the edge of the river and he didn’t cast it out but just flipped it right at the rocks at his feet and proceeded to pull out all kinds of river fish. I learned very quickly the various hiding spots of the fish and a lot of them were right at your feet! .  It was fun casting upstream and letting the current take the unweighted wiggler into the fish holding areas and when you hooked up it was just you and the fish. Needless to say I spent many summer days after that wading and fishing the upper Potomac river.

That’s it. … the simplest, easy way to fish. It’s funny how we over think and make things so complicated.

Get out there and get ’em!


The One Lure you should Master

My Oldest son (he’s grown now with his own family) likes to tell a story from his childhood about a fishing trip where we were catching fish from our boat and a local boy was shore fishing and yelled out to us :             Hey mister whatcha catching ’em on?..  I replied “small plastic baits”.          Where did you get the most? the boy said…   “various spots along the river” was my answer.                                                                                        What depth? …    well you can kinda guess my answer. 🙂    ..  Yes I was very secretive in my younger fishing days. But now I enjoy sharing my knowledge. The lure we were using that fall day and catching over 50 quality bass was a unassuming small thing called a grub. One just like this one:

ubs come in an infinite amount of colors and sizes. This is a 3″ alongside a 1/16oz jighead.
Grubs come in an infinite amount of colors and sizes. This is a 3″ alongside a 1/16oz jighead.


The above bait works well with 6 or 8 pond test line and a light action rod. You can experiment with different sizes and weights and of course depending on the “on the water” conditions such as depth and wind factors you may have to go to a heaver jighead.                                                       The basic retrieve is just a slow swimming of the lure or a drag and drop as it hops along the bottom. Sometimes in winter letting it sit on the bottom more than moving it will produce nice hard hits. I don’t think you can fish it wrong, just experiment…. A visible line is nice to have because sometimes you can see your line “pop” before you feel a hit.

When threading your jighead onto the grub try to have the hook come out along one of the seams of the grub.
When threading your jighead onto the grub try to have the hook come out along one of the seams of the grub.

I have caught many thousands of fish on this simple, inexpensive,easy to fish lure. Everything that swims WILL hit it at one time or another!…. If I was packing an emergency fishing kit I would definitely have some grubs in it!                                                                                                                                Get out there and get ’em!                                                                                      John                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Don’t forget When you are serious about Real Estate get serious and contact Debbie  at :                                                   

A picture of a picture  back in the day when I discovered the power of the grub!
A picture of a picture back in the day when I discovered the power of the grub!