September Fishing on Old Hickory Lake

Hendersonville,Tennessee  September 12 2016

September 12 2016

Finally got a chance to get out on the lake. It’s been a long time coming.      Air temp was 57 at sunrise  – water temp was 79…   sunny bluebird sky’s after the cold front that came thru a couple of days ago. Fished about 3 hours and caught 6 bass (biggest about 17″) a couple of gill’s and one catfish. I fished a couple of main lake points and there was nice schools of bait present.

This is what they were feeding on.
This is what they were feeding on.

I just so happened to have a pack of grubs that kinda matched up with these little baitfish. 🙂     I hooked the largest one a little deeper than the others ( 15 feet)  and was thankful I was able to get ’em with all the massive schools of bait around.

When they hit they meant business as all the fish I caught had that grub engulfed in their mouth!
When they hit they meant business as all the fish I caught had that grub engulfed in their mouth!

In between fishing the points I trolled for about an hour or so with no takers. It was great to get back in the boat and hopefully I will be able to get out more often.



Why Is It – Low Income Car Ownership Program

There is social enterprise that I have been aware of and been following since it started many years ago. It started with a simple premise : Take donated cars and recondition them and offer them to low income working people for their basic transportation. It has been phenomenally successful.

What it needs to succeed is simply a fully experienced leader who has successfully acquired the skills ( both book smart and street smart) to manage the daily operation, …… It’s a No brainer.                                                                                                                                                                        There are over 150 low-income car ownership programs scattered around the U.S. The most successful of the bunch is this one that I speak off. I was running my Automotive businesses in the area when it started and I knew the originators.

Here is a link to Vehicles for change : :                                                                                                                                                                                                Why is it that every city hasn’t adopted a similar program?

This is one of those rare instances when a charity can be self sustaining relative quickly. After the initial start-up phase is over the program generates enough income thru it’s properly run operation to sustain it self.

Just imagine for a minute if you were in that group of low income people who is employed and needs to depend on a car, …  and can’t get ahead because of the lack of a decent ,reliable, affordable car. …  just imagine trying to live YOUR life without one!

Here’s another program that has been very successful and how it has helped many people :

There is also many other benefits of this type of social business such as training mechanics, detailers, tow truck operators and other employees. It also generates favorable publicity. …  Just imagine of the press you get when you “award” a car to a needy recipient!   Again:             Why is it that every city hasn’t adopted a similar program?             


The Trophy deer of Hendersonville Tennessee

Residents of Hendersonville Tennessee know full well that there is a healthy population of deer but not many see the elusive big trophy bucks. They are pretty secretive but at certain times of the year can be spotted.

These three Whitetail Bucks are prime examples of some healthy Deer

I reckon that their isn’t any hunters that can hunt on Indian lake peninsula but I bet many would love to!


I once saw five of these bad boys at this spot!

If Hendersonville ever softens the hunting regulations and allows bow hunting I would gladly help out with what many residents say is the H’ville deer “problem”. 🙂