Fishing Success – Preparation is one key principle!

Not many people talk about one of the most important things a fisherman must do to be consistently successful at catching quality fish. Big stringers of fish are caught by anglers who know that in order to do it they must spend enormous amounts of time ON the water and be in the right area at the RIGHT time. In order to do that PREPARATION and maintenance of all their equipment is essential.

A recent post on    about a trailer bearing going out shows how a equipment failure can lead to a bad fishing day. All your equipment needs to be maintained at a high  level so it does not interfere with your ability to catch fish. Every thing from trailer and boat maintenance to of course keeping your rods and reels working 100% with nice fresh line and good sharp hooks and good knots. … most successful fisherman very seldom get sidelined from equipment failure or loose that big’in 🙂   Figure about an hour of upkeep / prep work for every hour on the water. … there’s something magical about being fully prepared and heading out on fishing trip. I find the time I spend on my rods and tackle before a trip almost as pleasurable as the actual trip itself! … as i’m doing my normal prep work my mind wanders back to all the different trips and catches that I’ve made.  …… and yes also the mishaps that occur no matter how much you plan to avoid them.

Preparation is one of the “secrets” to be a success in just about everything you do…. .. I like to paint old cars and stuff and I can tell you the more time you spend prepping the better the results will be.  .. and the same can be said for fishing also.

Now , get out there and get ’em!!


Gone Fishing!
Gone Fishing!