A Hook and A worm

I caught my first fish with a cane pole when I was 5 years old. It was on the Quantico creek witch flowed into the Potomac river south of the nations capital; Washington D.C. I only remember that trip and one more a year or so later when I was catching them as fast as I could put my bait in the water.

My next memories of fishing is when I was about 10 years old and living in Virginia Beach. The neighborhood had a long canal nearby where I would ride my bike and fish with the other local kids. Catfish and huge carp were the trophies we were after and our bait of choice was homemade dough balls. Fun times … seems every day or so I of us would hook and land a great big one.

After moving to Maryland I didn’t do much fishing until about  18 years old I was camping in Harper’s ferry West Virginia on the upper Potomac river and received a lesson on basic river fishing that really opened my eyes on how to catch fish. First step was to catch our own bait. Mountain Wigglers – a type of worm that you could catch alongside of the roads by removing the layers of leaves down to the rich dirt. And they do wiggle.

Next step is tie on a small hook directly onto the end of 6lb test on a spinning rod. That’s it – nothing else. My first thought was how in the world are you going to cast this with no weight but after you put on the wiggler and practice a little it was no problem. …  We went to the river and I watched as the old vet just stood at the edge of the river and he didn’t cast it out but just flipped it right at the rocks at his feet and proceeded to pull out all kinds of river fish. I learned very quickly the various hiding spots of the fish and a lot of them were right at your feet! .  It was fun casting upstream and letting the current take the unweighted wiggler into the fish holding areas and when you hooked up it was just you and the fish. Needless to say I spent many summer days after that wading and fishing the upper Potomac river.

That’s it. … the simplest, easy way to fish. It’s funny how we over think and make things so complicated.

Get out there and get ’em!


Author: John and debbie meyers

This blog is about Hendersonville,Tn which i have been discovering over many years.