The Sad Truth

Many young people choose their career path based on what they think will be a “fun” or “prestigious” or a “good paying” job or maybe even a job to help people and society.  So they try to do everything right. Go to college and get as much education as you can and then enter the workforce as “trained” to do that job. But in all reality that is when the learning really begins. In short order most realize that working in the “real” world is much different than they ever could have imagined . If only they could have been exposed of this reality earlier they may have chosen something else to do. All to often their dream occupation turns into a job. Just a job. And the sad truth is a lot of the teachers (even ones that have worked “in the field” do not clue them in on the realities of their chosen profession.

In my lifetime of interaction with many types of people and their occupations I have concluded that very few are top performers who truly love their job and live it 24 -7. They are the people that are always learning and studying ways to improve their performance. Maybe 5% at most. Below them another 5% are great also. Then about 10% are really good and conscientious when on the job but like most people have a ton of other interests and responsibilities away from work. The Sad Truth is 80% of workers are barely competent enough to do the job and half of them (40%) are down right incompetent. And to make matters worse They are protected by their co-workers (we’re a family; we look out for our own etc) or a bureaucracy and/or convoluted system set up to “protect the workers”  but essentially makes it very hard to release incompetent or downright nasty/dangerous people. The Sad Truth is most people we come in contact with are barely competent and half of them are incompetent.

Which brings us to the hot topic of the day – police interactions with citizens caught on video tape. My theory is pretty basic based on the above information. In a perfect world the young officers would be mentored by the top guy’s for a good long while. They would be guided and helped along in their career to become one of the top 10%. But in the real world they are out alone patroling  by themselves . .. so it shouldn’t surprise us when these type of incidents happen. Since each police department is it’s own little fiefdom it is up to the police chief to instill a culture of excellence in everything they do including holding every person up to a high standard and if they can’t “cut the mustard”  reassign them to a job behind the scenes where they don’t have to interact with the public. The police need to police themselves and receive enough continual training (in real life threatening situations) to be evaluated by professional trainers and psychologists/criminologists and made sure they are up to the job.


Hank Williams Jr, An Icon who doesn’t want to be called one

Hank-Williams-JrI became a fan of Hank’s back in the early 80’s when I bought “The pressure is on” his album that had ‘Country boy can survive ‘ and other great songs on it. He is that rare artist that does his own thing regardless of what the establishment want’s him to do. A true Artist and even though I don’t know him personally I think a great person as well.                                                                                                                                            I was pleasantly surprised recently when I saw a Hank Jr. special on AXSTV recently, It was filmed at his place in Tennessee and included both a stripped down outdoor (in his yard by his cabin) performance that was pure Hank, and also a interview that was truly revealing. He is doing this to promote his new album :  “It’s About Time which seems to be good enough to propel Hank back on top!   Here’s a new video:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Thanks for the new music Hank , Now get out there and catch a bunch of Crappies!                                                                                                                         John                                                                                                                                                                                

Crappie cant resist smacking this bait. i love it when they are shallow and with polarized sunglasses you can see em hit1


Kelly Clarkson , Hendersonville,Tn – Nashville and American Idol (1)
Kelly performing on American Idol

O.K. I admit it I’m an old guy, came up in the ’70’s, so I was exposed to the greatest music ever made and it takes a good bit to impress me…  but when i saw Kelly Clarkson’s performance of her new song “piece by piece” I was blown away. Now, I was always aware of Kelly’s super success after idol but after seeing her on the last season of American Idol and learning of her back story I gotta say this : I Love Me Some Kelly Clarkson!

When Debbie told me the story of this denim outfit worn (and made) by Kelly on her idol audition I was blown away. Had me thinking this could be a song to rival Dolly’s “coat of many colors”

Her struggles and challenges are all part of who she is and her success is a great thing…..  I often fish within sight of her house here on Old Hickory lake and one day as I was launching my old bass boat at the neighborhood ramp I encountered a fella who was putting in his Ski boat along with his young kids. I really didn’t pay much attention to what he was doing, but he was in front of me preparing to put in and must have had something slowing him down, so he politely pulled around behind me to let me go first. As I put in,I thought to myself wow that is a very aware and nice gesture. As I went to my first fishing spot I noticed the ski boat going over to the pier at Kelly’s house and then I figured it out that it was Kelly’s husband Brandon….  So..  Not only am I a fan of Kelly’s but also of Brandon.                                                                                                              cropped-cropped-DSCN5371-1.jpg                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Thanks,                                                                                                                      John  and                                                                                                            Debbie

Working tugboats and barges are a common sight out on Old Hickory and the Cumberland river
Working tugboats and barges are a common sight out on Old Hickory and the Cumberland river