Why Is It – Low Income Car Ownership Program

There is social enterprise that I have been aware of and been following since it started many years ago. It started with a simple premise : Take donated cars and recondition them and offer them to low income working people for their basic transportation. It has been phenomenally successful.

What it needs to succeed is simply a fully experienced leader who has successfully acquired the skills ( both book smart and street smart) to manage the daily operation, …… It’s a No brainer.                                                                                                                                                                        There are over 150 low-income car ownership programs scattered around the U.S. The most successful of the bunch is this one that I speak off. I was running my Automotive businesses in the area when it started and I knew the originators.

Here is a link to Vehicles for change : : https://www.vehiclesforchange.org/                                                                                                                                                                                                Why is it that every city hasn’t adopted a similar program?

This is one of those rare instances when a charity can be self sustaining relative quickly. After the initial start-up phase is over the program generates enough income thru it’s properly run operation to sustain it self.

Just imagine for a minute if you were in that group of low income people who is employed and needs to depend on a car, …  and can’t get ahead because of the lack of a decent ,reliable, affordable car. …  just imagine trying to live YOUR life without one!

Here’s another program that has been very successful and how it has helped many people : http://www.goodnewsgarage.org/Success-Stories

There is also many other benefits of this type of social business such as training mechanics, detailers, tow truck operators and other employees. It also generates favorable publicity. …  Just imagine of the press you get when you “award” a car to a needy recipient!   Again:             Why is it that every city hasn’t adopted a similar program?             


Author: John and debbie meyers

This blog is about Hendersonville,Tn which i have been discovering over many years.