Old Hickory Lake fishing report Nashville,Tennessee

Gone Fishing!
Gone Fishing!

Hendersonville, Wednesday April 6th                                                               Fished from 9:30am – 12:30pm , Water temp. was 58 degrees and the winds were a whippin’  20 mph with gusts up to 45mph!  Definitely not a day for a novice to be out there. I stayed in the cove where I launched and fished spots that have produced well in the past and was not disappointed. I had with me 4 rods that were rigged and ready to go, and I started first with a small 1/4 oz spinner bait and immediately started catching bass up shallow in the grass/weeds. I had a milk run of 4 or 5 keys spots that I was working so with the spinner bait I could move pretty fast and then I switched to rod #2 which had a crawdad crankbait and I worked over a rock point thoroughly and BAM – 5 quality bass in about 20 minutes. Here’s one of them :

Nice 18" bass caught on crawdad crankbait
Nice 18″ bass caught on crawdad crankbait. Over the years I have used many different makes and model of these type baits. This particular one is a STORM Thundercraw 1/4 oz size that dives to about 5′ or so. Also it is a sinking type, so you can work it in deeper water by counting it down to the depth you want. This lure has produced probably over 100 bass for me the last couple of years and I haven’t lost it yet!


I was marking some nice large schools of fish in the 8 – 12 foot range so I switched to rod #3 which had on a 1/8 jig with a 3″ grub and ended up catching 5 crappie topping out about 13″. By now the wind was wearing me out and I finished up by moving out of the wind and using #4 rod rigged with a small jig and used small minnows –  had a few takers but missed them 🙂  …   But that was fine because I was more than ready to load up and head home for some lunch. Hopefully next time the wind will be down so  I can get around to more of my proven springtime spots and report  more of what is going on in those area’s.

Close - up of the "Killa" !
Close – up of the “Killa” !
I enjoy fishing that size bait with a 6 foot or so very light rod and a shimano reel with 6lb test line … you can really enjoy playing the fish on a set-up like this one!

Thanks for reading and Good Luck on YOUR fishing!                                             John

Author: John and debbie meyers

This blog is about Hendersonville,Tn which i have been discovering over many years.