The simple truth about fishing success – How to catch more fish

An Old Hickory Lake bass caught on a small spinnerbait, a lure you want to be proficient in.
The dawn of a new day on Old Hickory Lake just outside of Nashville,Tn

Fisherman are bombarded with endless marketing of equipment and pro tips on how to catch more fish. Everything from “new and improved” lures to new rods and reels, lines, electronics, and boats. The message is if you buy this product YOU will be a better more successful fisherman.           And as a result many anglers are always on the lookout for that magic lure or technique to let them finally catch the amount of fish that they see others do. The simple truth is all they have to do is master a small number of lures and spend their time in areas of the lake where fish are located. Anglers have to spend the TIME on the water to be at the “hot spots” at the right time that they have identified through many days and hours of “on the water ” trial and error….. that’s it, no more or no less , that’s what separates the 10 percent of the fisherman that catch 90 percent of the fish. Dedication and countless hours and days on the water practicing their craft. It’s that simple.                                                                                                                  John

Author: John and debbie meyers

This blog is about Hendersonville,Tn which i have been discovering over many years.