The One Principle you Must Learn to be Financially independent

Some of the most important things a young person needs to learn and understand are never taught in school or even at home by their parents. It’s really sad that most people never truly understand how money and money management are critical to live a successful, stress free life , where YOU are in control of your future irregardless of your job situation or outside forces you have no control over.  The subject of Personal Finance can be complex and involved the more you get into it, but I think the number one principle you must accept and incorporate into your being is simple : you have to spend less than you earn, and invest the difference in something that goes up in value. DSCN5715                                                                        It doesn’t matter if you make 10,000 dollars a year or 10 million,   if you don’t live with your “means” you will eventually run into financial trouble,(there have been countless numbers of pro athletes, music and film stars, lottery winners and others that have gone gone broke) this one habit will insure you are financially stable for a lifetime. You have to train yourself to be willing to make sacrifices to become financially independent, It may mean no Starbucks coffee everyday, brown bagging your lunch at work, buying a good used car instead of new, etc.  etc you get the drift. You have to be determined and laser focused at first in your quest to be one of the few people that when life throws you a curve ball you calmly swing and hit it out of the park … like no big deal!                                                                               DSCN5682  Once you master this principle of personal finance and start saving and investing you’ll have plenty of these in your reserves!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             John      

Author: John and debbie meyers

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